s5-1For customers interested in preventing snow slides and dangerous movement of snow and ice during the cold winter months, TM Roofing proudly offers and installs S-5 ColorGard Snow Retention Systems to accompany our 24 gauge Standing Seam panels. Installation over entry ways, garages doors, patio areas, and more allow snow and ice to melt completely or drop off in small amounts.

ColorGard® is the only snow retention system designed and s5-clampengineered on a site-specific basis; guaranteed to perform.  Attached to the seam securely with patented S-5!® clamps, a trusted name in metal rooftop attachment technology worldwide, there is absolutely no penetration or damage to the panel or its protective finish! ColorGard® is also the only snow retention system which utilizes a strip of actual roof material, guaranteeing an exact match to the roof color—for the entire life of the roof with no fading or corroding!