Restoring a Piece of History

Rice Lake’s Old City Hall building originally built in 1902 and soon to be the new Snap Fitness had a new 24 gauge steel roof installed by TM Roofing in the fall of 2014.

The historic building located on East Marshall Street features a 21″ Striated Panel in the color Classic Copper.

Along with installing new steel panels on both…

From Start to Finish

This newly constructed cabin in Delta, WI located near Iron River, WI features a newer style roof ventilation system, Cor-A-Vent, which vents the roof space but not the attic space.

From start to finish, framing and sheeting, furring strips were installed over the prepared roof decking to create a vented channel system from ridge to eave.

We then installed our 24 gauge…

Just Like Brand New!!

No matter what the style or condition of your roof, replacing your worn out asphalt shingles with our 24 Gauge Steel Standing Seam Panels will leave your home or cabin looking like new again.

Our most recent steel projects include a home in Cumberland, WI with failing asphalt shingles that were fading, stained and beginning to curl…

Goodbye Screw Down Roofing!!

Our most recent project in Ladysmith, WI on Lakewood Blvd was to replace 7yr Old Screw Down 29 Gauge Panel Roofing that was failing and fading on a home and detached garage. We removed the existing screw down roofing and replaced it with our custom 24 gauge steel roofing with no exposed fasteners and brilliant Kynar 500…

Dugout Renovations – Minneapolis

In association with the Cal Ripken Foundation and Fields Inc., we installed our 24 gauge steel panels on newly constructed dugouts as well as old renovated dugouts at both Fairview Park and North Commons Park in Minneapolis.