For a natural, beautiful and unique, rustic appearance TM Roofing proudly installs all types of Western Red Cedar and Eastern White Cedar Shakes and Shingles.

Our exceptional quality wood shakes are available in both Premium Grade Blue Label- 100% Edge Grain and No. 1 Grade Blue Label- 20% Mixed Edge Grain Select Cedar and are offered in lengths of 18” & 24” with two standard styles to choose from to give your home a charming appeal.

  • cedar_shakes_3Hand-split & Resawn shakes feature a rough split face and sawn back for a distinctive, traditional appearance with available thicknesses of ½” Medium Butt and ¾” Heavy Butt as well as custom cut thicknesses up to 2” Butt.
  • Tapersawn shakes highlight both sawn faces for a uniform appearance and are available in thicknesses of 5/8” Medium Butt and ¾” Heavy Butt.

Our superior quality wood shingles are available in No. 1 Grade Blue Label and No. 2 Grade Red Label Select Cedar and feature a smooth, tapered sawn appearance in lengths of 16”, 18” and 24” to give your home or business a warm and classic appearance.  Specialty designs to add unique charm and character are also available.